New: The Truth About Water Intake – How Much Water is Too Much or Too Little?

how much water to drink?

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  1. Didn’t know this. Very informative. Thanks!

  2. M Sudhir bhandarkar says:

    very informative article sir

  3. Rashmi says:

    A lazy person i am to have water… Tho many have said. After reading many articles, now have changed…
    Very good eye opening cz many of us neglect with this important factor….

  4. Virupaksha says:

    Need of the hour sir thanks for taking time to educate. There will be common queries about water intake.

  5. Meena Rao says:

    Very informative Shashikiran.. thx for these articles. Will be mindful next time

  6. Govind says:

    Very good information and lot of myths about consuming water in our daily life got sorted 🙂

  7. Srikanth says:

    Very good article

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