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Doctor patient relationship

Doctor-Patient Relationship

“The doctor didn’t even look at me before writing out a prescription!” “That patient’s relatives threatened me about the consequences if she doesn’t recover.” “The doctor was very critical and judgmental about me.” “That...

weight loss with diet and exercise

Eat Right, Eat Light

People often try anything to help them lose weight. The reasons to lose weight are many – to be healthy, maintain fitness, or to look and feel better. Most companies that promote special diets...

weight loss

Why is it hard to lose weight?

“I can’t lose weight! I am doing everything I can!” Inability to lose weight is a very common grievance. Weight loss is unquestionably difficult. An important reason for this difficulty is the misconception regarding...

bitter taste in mouth

Bitter taste in mouth during illnesses

You must have experienced that bad taste in your mouth during fever. Also called dysgeusia, this is a very common occurrence in various illnesses, and a frequent complaint as patients start recovering from their disease....