Understanding Antibiotics (Part 2)

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  1. Charles D'Souza says:

    Very useful information, thank you. I have noticed many times that doctors give antibiotics even for simple cold and cough. Is that really needed?

    And what about some medical shops just handing out medicines, including antibiotics? Many of my relatives just go to a medical shop and tell their problems to them. They hand out medicines… Is that legal?

    • Thank you for your comment, Charles. Like I have written above, doctors generally are good judges of the need for antibiotics. What you may have considered common cold may be diagnosed as another condition by the doctor. It is best to discuss with the doctor in such a situation.

      Nevertheless, it is very clear that common cold itself does not requires treatment with antibiotics, as it is caused by viruses and not bacteria. You have actually asked this question here, which I was planning to deal with in one of the subsequent parts of this series.

      As far as medical shop dispensing without prescriptions is concerned, it is appropriate only for OTC (over the counter) medications like paracetamol, etc. Antibiotics are not OTC, hence it is better that they refrain from dispensing antibiotics.

      I appreciate your concern.

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