Emergency Drug Charts for ICU

It is critical to have no doubts and confusions about the essential emergency drugs in intensive care units (ICU). Here is a quick reference chart that you may want to download, print and display on the notice board of your ICU. The drugs included in this chart include noradrenaline (norepinephrine), adrenaline (epinephrine), levosimendan, dobutamine, vasopressin, and dopamine. In addition, we also have amiodarone, midazolam, vecuronium, nitroglycerine, enalaprilat, and pantoprazole.

We are using this in our ICU for more than five years with frequent updates.

This chart, useful for physicians, residents and nurses. It has details of the commonly used drugs, along with the infusate preparation, dilution and the rate of infusion. We strongly recommend the use of electronic syringe pumps that deliver accurate doses and enable easy titration of dosing.

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Please request in the comment section if you want us to add any additional drugs in this chart.

PS: We have used standard references while preparing this. However, we recommend you to cross-check all the details before using in your setup.

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